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Headquartered in Seattle and also available for projects out of state in Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Our Mission

Service to the property management industry is our purpose. As a full-service roof-consulting firm, we work with building owners, property managers, and facility managers to meet their unique roof-consulting needs. By recognizing that the roof system is only one component of the entire building asset, we strive to address each client’s individual needs.

Many years of experience working in the commercial roofing industry have demonstrated the fact that there is a need in the facility management arena for a roof-consulting firm that is geared toward meeting the needs of professional facility managers. It is for this reason that we started NW Professional Roofing Services, Inc.

To support our clients, we offer roof inspections, create 10-year roof budget plans for maintenance and replacement, create re-roof specifications and details, evaluate bids from contractors, monitor work in progress, and perform due diligence inspections.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve your roofing needs.

Thank you,
Jim Younger, President
Jim Younger

Get To Know Us

NW Professional Roofing Services, Inc. exists to serve the needs of building owners and managers for unbiased professional roof consulting.  Training, education and certification are core to providing the level of knowledge and experience necessary to meet the needs of our clients.

Jim Younger Portrait

Jim Younger, RRC | RRO | CDT

President, Senior Roof Consultant
Jim has 30 years of experience in construction estimating and project management, with 18 years in the roofing industry. He started his roofing career with Snyder Roofing, where he managed the re-roof and repair department. His duties included working with private sector building owners and managers to create functional and cost-effective roof repair options and design/bid roof replacement projects.

After nine years with Snyder Roofing, Jim felt that his skillset and client-first attitude could be best utilized in consulting as the building owner’s representative versus as a contractor. Jim has owned and managed NW Professional Roofing Services since 2005. The role of roof consultant fits Jim’s personality and skill set well as the position allows Jim to function as the design professional and advocate for building owners and managers ensuring that each project is intelligently designed and personally confirming that the building owner received the best ‘bang for the buck’ in their roofing investment.
Jennifer Crouse Portrait

Jennifer Crouse

Business Operations Manager
Jennifer has over 30 years of experience in marketing and business operations management, primarily in real estate and mortgage banking. She's a seasoned professional, with a deeply ingrained passion for helping others achieve their goals. She's a veteran, an adjunct business management instructor, business coach, and currently resides with her family in Sultan, Washington. She's an avid reader, compulsive volunteer, creative crafter, addicted to technology and committed to customer service excellence. Jennifer’s personal philosophy is constant self-improvement and is always seeking ways to make a positive difference. She's a Notary Public and has a masters in business management.

Jerid Younger, RRO | LEED GA

Quality Assurance Manager
Jerid has 5 years of experience in the industry, which he started after leaving the Air Force. Jerid has the certifications RRO (Registered Roof Observer) and LEED GA (LEED General Associate which gives him the ability to promote and implement green building practices in the workplace. Jerid is currently in the role of Quality Assurance Manager and oversees all ongoing projects. Jerid also creates all architectural drawings for the company. Additionally, Jerid has an Associates Degree in Architectural Technology and a Bachelor of Science Business Administration.

Our Primary Services

NW Professional Roofing Services encompass many services designed to meet our clients' unique and specific needs. Our full-service roof consulting provides knowledgeable and unbiased recommendations for Institutional Clients, Property Managers, and Building Owners. We pride ourselves on responding quickly to our client’s needs and providing detailed reporting for the best possible communication. In turn, our process and knowledge in the field provides results for cost-effective decisions and satisfactory outcomes in the long-range budgeting for roof maintenance, roof repairs and re-roofing costs.


When new construction projects require budgeting or design development, we partner with other architects and engineers to ensure that each client receives project-specific consulting for a quality roof system.


We create each project specification plan and construct the roofing details before taking the project to bid. We then manage the pre-bid walk-thru and select the winning contractor best fit for the project.


Monitor work-in-progress to ensure work conforms to bidding documents. Furnish weekly quality assurance reports.


Manage all aspects of the roofing project from design development through construction and final project closeout.


Perform a detailed infrared moisture survey to identify areas of moisture intrusion into the roof system.


Provide responsive qualified roofing contractors that have been pre-screened for financial stability, safety, quality of work, insurance, bonding and warranty service.


Repair and retrofit services are offered when a compromised roofing system is in need of new or modified specifications in the design development. We aim to design a roofing system that will adapt to the needs of our clients while simultaneously meeting safety regulations.


NW Professional Roofing Services guarantees roof inspections and due diligence with detailed reports including text, photographs and roof drawings. Reports will assess the current condition of the roof and the recommendations for maintenance, remedial repairs or re-roofing.


NW Professional Roofing Services holds our unbiased opinion to the highest of standards, which serves our clients well when pertaining to due diligence. It is our goal to inspect, assess, and determine the accuracy of statements exchanged between our clients and potential buyers regarding their property.


NW Professional Roofing Services is often sought out for our competency in long range budgeting for roof maintenance, roof repairs and re-roofing costs. Because we have a strong contracting background, we are able to accurately project pricing and use historic models to determine future inflation.

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