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Why Use an Independent Roofing Consultant?

Finding a trustworthy and reliable commercial roof advisor in the Pacific Northwest is very valuable, since a roof consultant will inspect your roof, recommend appropriate repairs, and make unbiased recommendations for roof repairs or for a roof replacement, which will save you money and time in the long run. When emergency roof leaks do occur in your commercial building, it helps to be able to delegate these problems to a roofing consultant who can bring their experience and expertise to diagnose the problem and create a workable solution that is right for you and right for your building.

Owners of commercial buildings and facility managers who make the smart decision to invest in a roof consult can get the most out of their roof both in the short term and the long term. NW Professional Roofing Services, Inc. offers ten year budget plan analysis and recommendations for your replacement and maintenance costs. You may also schedule bi-annual inspections to ensure that your commercial roof is performing as it should. One of our skilled roof inspectors will inspect your roof and provide the following benefits, including:


● Due diligence inspections
● Unbiased recommendations for roof repairs and/or roof replacement
● Adaptation of the roof condition report to fit your unique needs
● Providing detailed drawings and documents related to the design of your roof replacement and taking the project out for bid
● Evaluations on bids you receive from contractors
● Monitoring of work that’s in progress
● Re-roofing and retrofit project management and quality assurance monitoring

NW Professional Roofing Services, Inc. offers consulting services on all types of roofing systems. If you own or manage buildings in the Pacific Northwest (apartment buildings, industrial buildings, a stadium, a high-rise commercial building, an office building, or any other type of non-single family residence) that you’re having problems with, we can consult with you on the design, repairs, or maintenance for your commercial roof needs.



Why Use A Third Party Inspector?

The surveying and inspection of your roof from a third party is also a valuable and integral aspect to the long-term protection of your commercial roof. We offer a range of commercial roof inspection services, which we conduct through detailed site inspections and reports for our clients.


Our results are cost-effective, complete, and written in easy-to-understand language, with the goal of helping you make the best decisions for the cost and maintenance of your commercial roof. Third party roof inspections provide you with unbiased information that is tailored to your individual interests and needs.


Two main aspects to our inspection services include unbiased roof inspections and reporting that accurately conveys the condition of your roof using layman’s terms for ease of understanding. In general, inspecting your commercial roof means that we will conduct inspections and take core samples of your roof to discover the location and cause of any problems, then make recommendations to fix those problems. Some of our services focus especially on:


Due Diligence Inspections. As we serve our clients, we adhere to strict standards and provide you with unbiased reports that accurately convey the condition of the roof and related building elements.


Moisture Intrusion Inspection. This is an important aspect of our services. Water leaks are common, and any intrusion of moisture into your commercial building can be costly and frustrating. We use infrared thermography, which is non-invasive and effective, to pinpoint spots of moisture intrusion or areas where moisture is trapped within your roof. We understand how to protect your commercial roof from the elements, and will aid you in combating moisture intrusion.


Building Envelope Surveys. We will evaluate the performance and condition of the entire exterior of your commercial building as well as its roof to ensure that everything is working together to achieve maximum waterproof efficiency. Our building envelope inspection services will aid you with reducing air movement, cooling containment, eliminating moisture intrusion, and overall energy efficiency.


Forensic Investigations. Oftentimes, disputes arise if your roofing or building envelope doesn’t meet certain waterproof standards, or violates building code. When certain materials fail to perform correctly, or when improper design or installation results in water intrusion, this can also cause problems. We analyze all the facts surrounding your commercial roof or building envelope problem in a complete and unbiased way, so you can make the correct decisions concerning your property.

The Services We’re Proud to Provide

We have a long-established history as the company to turn to when you need roof or building envelope advisors for the inspection, design, and consultation of your commercial roof or building envelope. On top of evaluation and surveying, many of our visits and interactions with you will involve our main services, which include:

New and Ongoing Construction Management

Our company will handle all of the aspects of your roof repair or replacement project or your building envelope remediation project, from the original inspection to the design to the final closeout. This is one of the reasons why investing in a third party consultant is so valuable; we have relationships with architects and engineers, and can handle all aspects of your project. Whether you’re embarking on new construction, making an addition, replacing a leaking roof, or addressing a leaking building envelope problem, the consultation you receive is high quality and tailored to your needs.

Building Envelope Consulting Services

You’ll receive building envelope consulting with building envelope inspections and building envelope remediation design. These components come together to ensure that your building’s waterproofing elements will keep water out of your building and maintain the high value of your investment.

Quality Assurance Monitoring

Quality assurance monitoring is another integral aspect of our services. Through this, we inspect all the work that is being performed as part of your roof replacement or building envelope project so that you are informed throughout the project whether the work adheres to all the construction documents and to any agreements that have been made with the contractor. This information is provided through quality assurance reports that will be sent out to you and to the contractor daily or weekly.

Budgeting for the Long Term

Whether it is for roof or building envelope repairs, re-roofing, or general maintenance, we can help to establish your long-term costs with accurate budgeting based on pricing we have received from similar projects.

Design Services

We are proud to offer roof repair, roof replacement, and building envelope remediation designs that will meet all building code requirements as well as all requirements for your project to qualify for an installer’s warranty and a material manufacturer’s warranty. Whether we’re aiding you with new construction, retrofit, or waterproofing, we’ll provide detailed, technical drawings and specifications. We’ll also help you with your selection of materials to ensure that your project meets all of your needs.


Before we take your project to bid, we will work out all the details concerning your commercial roof replacement or building envelope remediation and develop project specific specifications and drawings. The walk-thru that occurs with the contractors before the bid will also be managed by us, and we’ll hand-select the most qualified contractor for your project.

Our ultimate goal is to help you make the best decisions possible for your building…your investment for both the short-term and the long-term. Whatever your needs, our services will provide you with an understanding of your options and will aid you in the overall protection of your building.