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Commercial Roof Types

The Types of Commercial Roofing We Service

Water intrusion and leakage are among the most common and costly issues in the industry, and this is especially true for buildings in the Pacific Northwest. We have many years of experience in the Pacific Northwest dealing with building envelope water intrusion issues, and our inspection and design services cover a wide range of commercial roofing, no matter what type of building it is for. We service:


  • Industrial roofing
  • Apartment roofing
  • Stadium roofs
  • High rise roofs
  • Complex roofing
  • Theater roofs
  • Business roofs
  • Government roofing


We provide our services for every type of commercial roof system.

Green Roofing


Green roofs in the Pacific Northwest have become very popular, and you’ll often find bright green vegetation dotting the otherwise grey and gloomy rooftop cityscape. These roofs involve rooftop gardens and vegetative systems that are used in place of conventional roof systems, or which are an extension of the existing roof. They require complex systems of drainage, waterproofing, and root repellant, as well as a layer of scientifically engineered soil. With a green roof, you can grow herbs and greens for your lunch and help to improve the air quality.


We can help you with the design and ongoing assessment of your commercial vegetative roof systems and commercial green roof systems. The Pacific Northwest receives a high volume of rain per year, so it’s the perfect location for a roof that will create open space and provide habitation for native plants. You’ll also increase the longevity of the roofing materials, and the value of your property will increase.

commercial roof types

Condominium Building Envelope and Roof Replacement Projects


If you manage multi-family residential condominium buildings, whether new or rehabilitative, the prevention of water intrusion is more important than ever due to the passage of Washington State’s “Condominium Act” Law (RCW Chapter 64.34). This law states that water intrusion must be prevented through the proper design, detailing, selection of products, and quality installation of the building envelope. The law further states that any roofing project or building envelope remediation project must be designed by a certified professional designer and that the designer must oversee the installation or repair. We provide our clients with the design and application monitoring services that are necessary to ensure your building conforms to RCW 64.34.


Due to this law, the building’s envelope and roof system’s waterproof integrity are especially important. With our building envelope services, we will inspect the exterior of your building and how well it works with the roof to achieve watertightness and restrict the movement of air through your building’s envelope.

High Rise and Stadium


Due to their height, stadium roofs and high rise roofs often bear the most weathering and water damage. If you have this type of roof, it’s extremely important that the correct type of roof system is selected, that the roof system is professionally designed, and that it is installed by a reputable contractor. Given our experience with the Pacific Northwest climate, we understand the challenges that often arise when it comes to designing, installing, maintaining, and inspecting high rise roofing and stadium roofing so that the material and design are able to withstand our harsh winters and baking summer sun.


Whether you need an emergency leak to your stadium investigated, would like us to perform our moisture intrusion investigation services after the rainy winter, or require a complete re-roofing of your highrise, we are prepared to match all of your roofing needs.

commercial roof types



We can provide an industrial roof that is designed specifically to fit your needs. Whether your property houses a business that involves industrial operations, or your property is merely located in an industrial area, our industrial roofing service keeps up to date with best practices and emerging trends, so your industrial roof can achieve its peak performance. We’ll prioritize your operations and recommend the best and most up to date technologies and materials. All the products we recommend are cost-effective and are matched to each project, which means that the products will be matched specifically to your business.

Design of Commercial Roofing

We have an established history and strength in design. This includes construction documents and technical drawings and details for new roof installations and roof replacements. Our design services include:


  • Apartment roof design
  • Complex roof design
  • Commercial roof design
  • Industrial roof design
  • High rise roof design


We can:


  • Create a waterproofing design for all of the components of your building, including the foundation, wall systems, walkways, and balconies
  • Develop portions of contract documents that are related to building envelope
  • Provide you with assistance for your selection of the materials and systems of your roofing
  • Review information and confirm requirements for installation and performance


Perhaps you need to figure out how the drainage system of your new green roof will work, and how the engineered soil will be placed. Or, you’d like to ensure your highrise has a sleek and modern look while still adhering to all applicable building envelope code standards. From the very beginning of the implementation of your ideas, to the construction of the roof or building envelope itself and quality assurance monitoring during construction and final inspection afterwards, we can help you every step of the way with your commercial roofing or building envelope project.