Seattle Commercial Roof Building Inspection
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Commercial Inspections

The Prevention of Water Intrusion

When you live in the Pacific Northwest, issues with moisture intrusion can be very challenging and frustrating, even for commercial building owners and property managers who have years of experience. Water leaks are the most common–and costly–issue in the roofing and building envelope industries. We specialize in commercial roof inspections and building envelope inspections to provide moisture intrusion investigation services that are innovative and technically thorough. We know how to protect your commercial roof and building envelope from moisture intrusion.


Our inspection of moisture intrusion is conducted using both destructive testing (taking core cuts) and non-destructive testing (utilizing infrared thermography). These both are powerful tools that help identify underlying conditions of your roof and envelope systems, components, and assemblies. Surveying variations in thermal signatures can identify areas where there may be water intrusion or retention. It may also identify areas of air movement that may be attributing to heat/energy loss. We have a team of Certified Infrared Thermographers who are trained to use this advanced technology to detect anomalies in your building envelope, and to diagnose moisture related issues.

Inspection Services

Our professional commercial building inspection services involve a variety of services that are designed to meet your property’s specific needs. We’re able to combine our knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive and unbiased recommendations for property managers, building owners, and institutional clients through on-site visits and detailed reports. We provide custom reporting that is complete, accurate, cost-effective, and user-friendly to help you make the best possible long-term decisions for the maintenance, repairs, replacement, or remediation of your building’s envelope, and costs of your commercial roof. Our inspection services include:

Assessment of Commercial Roofing


We conduct commercial building inspections in the Pacific Northwest and provide reports that are detailed with drawings, texts, and photographs. These assessments will evaluate the current state of your roof, and make recommendations for repairs, maintenance, or roof replacement if necessary.

Building Envelope Inspection


Building envelope refers to the whole exterior of your commercial building in relation to moisture control and air containment. The goal is to ensure your roof and your building’s exterior are working together correctly to keep liquid and moisture out of your building. We have an extensive background in forensic investigation, which lends to our strength in the inspection and design of the commercial building envelope. We’ve analyzed many mistakes in building envelope systems, and can help you avoid these same issues.

Forensic Investigations


When code violations occur (such as a roof installation or building envelope installation that doesn’t conform to building code standards), or when these elements permit water to enter your building, we are trained to perform testing to establish where the failure occured. Whether the failure is the result of improper design, improper installation, failed materials, or a combination of these issues, we will determine the cause of your water intrusion.

Due Diligence Inspections


We perform due diligence inspections for both buyers and sellers of buildings to document the current condition of the building’s roof and envelope.

Unbiased Inspections


We are committed to providing inspections of your roofing and building envelope that are unbiased and only geared toward helping you achieve your commercial roofing and building envelope goals.

Quality Assurance Monitoring


This service monitors all work that is done to your roof or building envelope as it is in progress, to make sure that the work is adhering to all agreements and documents. You and the contractor will receive daily or weekly quality assurance reports.

High/Steep Roof Inspections


We provide unique, project-specific roof inspections and designs for any commercial roof, no matter how high or steep.

Our Primary Services

Roof inspection is deeply rooted in our strengths of design, repair recommendations, management, and quality assurance. Whether you need our inspection services for due diligence, roof leakage, or building envelope problems, we assist you every step of the way. Many of our inspections encompass our primary services, which include:

Building Envelope Services


This is comprised of two main aspects: building envelope consulting, during which we collaborate with designers, construction trades, and other personnel to assist you with moisture containment and air movement; and building envelope surveys, during which we evaluate the condition and performance of your building’s envelope for watertightness.

Construction Management


We can handle the project management duties for all types of construction projects, whether the project includes our core building envelope inspection and design scope, or when the project does not involve the building envelope.

Infrared Thermography


This is the non-destructive testing we use to identify your roof’s and building envelope system’s underlying conditions. Our Certified Infrared Thermographers have been trained to observe any variations in your building’s thermal signature, and to identify and diagnose anomalies that may be causing issues when it comes to moisture intrusion issues.

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Long-range Budgeting


We have extensive experience and competency in long-range budgeting for your roof, whether it’s for general maintenance, re-roofing, or building envelope repairs. Based on pricing from similar projects we’ve completed in the past, we budget accurately and establish what your costs will be in the long term.

New Construction


We have relationships with engineers and other architects that will lend a hand for any aspect of your new project. You will receive high quality consultations for your roof or building envelope that are matched specifically to your ideas and requirements.

commercial inspection

Pre-screened Contractors


All of the contractors that we recommend to you are responsible and responsive. They are always vetted and pre-screened for safety, insurance, quality, and financial stability.

Retrofit Services


We offer several retrofit design services that are tailored to your specific project. From determining the technical specifications to managing the bidding process to helping you select your contractor, our services help any type of commercial roof project come to fruition.



Before each project is taken to bid, we create drawings and project specific specifications, and take care to work out all the project details. We also manage the on site walk-thru that happens before the bid with all the potential contractors. We will carefully review each bid and then recommend the best contractor for your project.