Seattle Commercial Building Envelope Design
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Commercial Building Envelope Services

What Building Envelope Involves

Building envelope services encompass a wide range of construction tools, materials, and techniques, and make extensive use of our background in commercial inspections, design, and successfully completed projects. For your building envelope, we will perform:


  • Thorough and unbiased inspections
  • Condition evaluations
  • Technical consulting
  • Failure analysis


The building envelope extends to the entire exterior of your building in relation to air containment and moisture control. The goal of addressing and maintaining the building envelope is to ensure that your roof and the whole exterior of your building are all working together to keep water out of your building. We work with you to develop a building envelope design guide that ensures your roofing and building envelope are meeting your goal.


The building envelope performance of your building includes factors such as:


  • Moisture intrusion
  • Energy efficiency
  • Moisture related issues
  • Water, vapor, and air movement
  • Heating and cooling containment


We combine all of the above with comprehensive surveys of your building. We make recommendations, help you with the decision-making process, follow up with continual inspections, and ultimately work with you to not only correct any issues your building may have, but also prevent them from occurring again in the future.

How All of Our Services Work Together

We are a Building Envelope Consultant, and our commercial building envelope consulting services encompass every aspect of your building’s exterior performance, including the roof, walls, windows, window frames, doors, cladding, sub-grade waterproofing, etc. As we conduct building envelope consulting and surveying, we will recommend many of the other types of assistance we offer, such as:


  • Resolving emergency leaks
  • Roof design
  • Roofing reconstruction
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance monitoring of work in progress
  • Accurate, prompt, and comprehensive inspection reporting
  • Expert and detailed analysis
  • Storm and water damage repair recommendations
  • Maintenance expenses and capital expense needs assessments
  • Code violation assessments
  • Cost estimation
  • Extensive reports that include recommended actions


The building envelope encompasses everything, from small leaks to comprehensive roof design. We evaluate the entire performance of your building’s envelope to ensure your building stays dry and your asset is protected.

The Three Main Aspects to Building Envelope Services

Building Envelope Consulting


In today’s construction industry, moisture related problems are not only very prevalent, but also very costly. This is especially true for the Pacific Northwest . Preventing and resolving water leakage is an integral and important aspect to the services we provide; emergency leaks are a common issue that we have years of experience assessing. Moisture intrusion may also lead to condensation and mold growth, which will negatively impact the state of your entire building. Building envelope moisture intrusion and building envelope storm damage are two key concerns in our inspections.


There are other aspects beyond water and moisture that are essential to sustainable building envelope performance. The control of vapor and air movement is an integral piece in the overall function of your building. We also assist you with:


  • Corrosion due to water, air, and other elements
  • Excessive air infiltration and exfiltration


Building envelope consulting requires a high level of collaboration between construction trades, designers, and other personnel. We provide you with recommendations for remediation or replacement as well as budget costs; as the project moves farther along, we also provide project management services and quality assurance monitoring.

Building Envelope Inspections


Our comprehensive building envelope inspections give us an opportunity to evaluate the condition and performance of your building envelope. The surveys also establish a basis for you to completely understand each of your building’s envelope components, and their useful service life.

Each component may be inspected individually, or in combination. These components include:


  • Roofing
  • Waterproofing
  • Cladding
  • Fenestration


We have developed a systematic approach that is comprised of building envelope inspections, conditions evaluations, and problem analysis services. Together, these will help you make informed and cost-effective decisions about your building and its future. Our evaluation services range from:


  • Simple verbal reports of our survey findings
  • Verbal or written recommendations
  • Comprehensive written evaluations
  • Laboratory testing data
  • Analysis of problem areas
  • Professional photo documentation
  • Detailed drawings
  • A breakdown of cost estimates


We will always discuss our findings with you, and work together to identify building envelope issues, as well as identify the best solutions. Whatever your needs, our building envelope inspections, evaluation, and analysis services will provide you with a clear understanding of all your available options, and help to put you at ease when it comes to the next step for protecting your building and the efficiency of its building envelope operation.

Envelope Inspection and Quality Assurance


We don’t simply assess your building and make recommendations for a one-time, short-term fix; we create an ongoing relationship that requires our continual commitment to you. Our field inspectors will complete on-site inspections that are scheduled at your convenience, both throughout the project’s duration and upon project completion. We’ll ensure that your building has a sustainable, waterproof building envelope for years to come.


Our company has strong roots in inspection. We’ve analyzed building envelope mistakes over and over again, and can help you prevent these same problems from occurring. Our deep commitment to unbiased inspections means that we will provide you with all the facts, and our only intention is to help you make the best decisions for your property. We also have an extensive background as forensic investigators, which is integral to our inspections of the building envelope, as well as its design.


For us, an established history and strength in design is a matter of pride. We will ensure that your roof and building envelope continue to meet building envelope design standards in both materials and the techniques used. A successful design relies on inspection efforts and an excellent installation.


Secure your building’s future with our building envelope services. From emergency leak investigation and recommendations to ensuring long-term performance, our company will bring our established history of design success and comprehensive, unbiased inspection as we ensure your whole exterior, including the roof and all building envelope components are, performing properly.